Tracking Edith – in theaters now!


When she wasn’t working as a Soviet agent, she was taking photos of Vienna’s and London’s workers and street children, of poverty and social deprivation. Being a secret agent doesn’t seem to have come naturally to the photographer Edith Tudor-Hart (born Edith Suschitzky in 1908, in Vienna, died 1973 in Brighton). She recruited Kim Philby, and was one of the architects of the Cambridge Five, the Soviet Union’s most successful spy ring in Great Britain.

Edith was Jungk’s great aunt, his mother’s cousin; the writer/film maker tries to unravel the truth about his aunt’s life, in Austria, Great Britain and Russia . A documentary about the renowned photographer, about a spy with a conscience and hidden secrets in a family.

We had the honor to contribute 7 minute to the film showing parts of Ediths life in animated sequences. The film is running in Austrian theaters now. We put together a little making-of for your appreciation, enjoy!

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