Coming Home

short film

"Finally the Cowboys have lost against the indians. So US-citizens with migration background are cominghome..."

A short film packed with stereotypes illustrating the absurd discussion about sending all people back to their homecountires, meaning the countries of their ancestors.
Written, directed and animated by
Benjamin Swiczinsky

Shaun Streeter
Sara Logan Hofstein

Benjamin Swiczinsky
Wendi Badini

Alexander Zlamal

Bobby Vinton "Coming Home Soldier"

Johannes Schiehsl
Conrad Tambour
Benjamin Swiczinsky

funded by MA7 Kulturförderung der Stadt Wien

Copyright 2019 by Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm
Best Animation, Austrian Film Festival, Austria 2020
"Best of the World"-programme, Hiroshima Animation Festival, Japan 2020
Honourable Mention, Festival of Nations, Austria 2020

Academy Awards (Oscars) - Best Animated Short - Longlist, USA 2021
Two Day Animation Festival, Austria 2019
Hiroshima Animation Festival, Japan 2020
Cortoons Festival, Spain 2020
Ars Electronica Festival, Austria 2020
Dumbo Film Festival New York, USA 2020
Krakow Film Festival , Poland 2020
Internationales Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart, Germany 2020 (Covid-19 Edition)
Anifilm, Czech Republic, 2020
Animateka, Slovenia 2020
Bogoshorts, Colombia 2020
Festival of Nations, Austria 2020
Austrian Film Festival, Austria 2020
Pixel Vienna Filmfestival, Austria 2020
Cine Court Anime, France 2021
Internationales Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart, Germany 2021
European Film Festival Lille - Longlist, France 2021
Bamberger Kurfilmtage, Germany 2021