Kleine Germanen

animations for documentary

"Little Germans combines animation and documentary film to tell the story of children that are born into extreme right-wing families. From a young age on they are trained to hate everything that seems 'foreign'. How does it feel to grow up in a world, where empathy is subsidiary and 'the nation' stands above everything? And who do those 'little Germans' become once they grow up?"

For the documentary "Little Germans" we were hired to do some 2d animations, artworks and the creation of 3d assets.

Animation Department NÖT

2d Paintings Thor
Conrad Tambour

Set & Prop Modeling
Conrad Tambour
Johannes Schiehsl

2d Animation Dwarfs
Benjamin Swiczinsky

Set Modeling & Texturing
Alireza Mokarram

Directed by
Mohammad Farokhmanesh
Frank Geiger

Written by
Frank Geiger
Armin Hofmann
Mohammad Farokhmanesh

Director of Photography
Marcus Winterbauer

Andrew Bird
Habiba Laout
Frank Geiger

Golden Girls Filmproductions
brave new work GmbH

Mohammad Farokhmanesh
Frank Geiger
Ali Samadi Ahadi
Armin Hofmann
Arash T. Riahi

Golden Girls Filmproductions, 2018