Red Noses

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"Tour of Laughter"

Since 1994 RED NOSES clowndoctors have been bringing humor and laughter to people who urgently need joy. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the RED NOSES movement, we will start the "Tour of Laughter" in 2020, which shows the origins of the RED NOSES through two charming cartoon clowns.

The two cartoon clowns present once a month with a new video release in the colorful world of the almost 400 healthcare clowns. We are proud to support the RED NOSES in this project!
Character Design
Conrad Tambour

Storyboard, Animatics & Backgrounds
Benjamin Swiczinsky

Manolo Galiana
Benjamin Swiczinsky
Conrad Tambour

Conrad Tambour
Silvia Knödlsdorfer
Sascha Vernik
Lisa Maria Koller
Wendi Badini

Benjamin Swiczinsky
Christoph Janka


Jakob Schmidt
Christina Pallanch

A Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm production
for Apollo7, Vienna 2020