Wiener Zeitung

ad clips

A red thread defines a basic motif, a leading idea, a way or a directive.

In collaboration with Lowe GGK, we developed a series of illustrative jingles and clips for one of the oldest daily newspaper in the world: the Wiener Zeitung. The animated clips are used as lead-ins for their news report videos and promote the paper in cinema, on infoscreens and on television.
Directed by
Benjamin Swiczinsky

Character Design
Conrad Tambour

Benjamin Swiczinsky
Conrad Tambour

Music & Sounddesign
Alexander Zlamal

Comissioning editors
Edit Rainsborough
Walter Hämmerle
Wolfgang Renner

Conrad Tambour
Benjamin Swiczinsky
Johannes Schiehsl

Produced by Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm 2014
in cooperation with Lowe GGK